Mould Survey and Air Quality

The quality of indoor air is a major component of occupant comfort and satisfaction. Poor air quality can reduce productivity and increase absenteeism. Common indoor contaminants include dust, allergens, mould spores, exhaust fumes, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and other aerosols produced from activities conducted in the building. Poorly functioning or improperly designed ventilation systems also contribute to poor indoor air quality and occupant discomfort.

One of the primary areas of concern related to indoor air quality is mould. Mould spores will always be present in indoor air, but uncontrolled water in an indoor environment, can result in the growth of mould on building materials. The presence of mouldy building materials often causes in elevated concentrations of fungal spores indoors, which may negatively impact occupant health.

Total Safety’s industrial hygienists, biologists and technicians can tailor indoor air quality and/or mould investigations to satisfy your specific needs. The scope may vary from a basic evaluation in a specific location to a comprehensive building assessment.

Total Safety is capable of providing a wide range of expertise including:

  • Mould assessments and remediation support
  • Indoor air quality audits, compliant investigations and LEED Certification
  • Assistance with WorkSafeBC compliance
  • Testing for gases, vapours, dusts, CO2, CO, VOCs, temperature and relative humidity
  • Drinking water and radon testing
  • Testing for mould in bulk, air, swab, surface and dust samples
  • Development of remediation plans and work procedures
  • Mould post remediation verification, investigations and testing
  • Infection control services during construction or renovation in sensitive environments
  • Investigations and work procedure preparation following Category 2 and 3 water losses
  • Assessments, sampling and investigations associated with Legionella
  • Litigation support and expert testimony
  • Work procedures for the removal of contamination associated with rodents, pigeons or other pests
  • Mould awareness, education and training