Investigation and Testing in Former Clandestine Drug Operations

Former clandestine drug operations, such as illegal drug manufacturing facilities and marijuana grow operations (MGO) have become a major concern for property owners, real estate management companies and municipalities in British Columbia.

A clandestine operation leaves owners, mortgage lenders and homebuyers with a potentially contaminated property. The cultivation of marijuana in a home can result in mould growth, as well as residual pesticide and fertilizer contamination. The manufacturing of illegal drugs, including ecstasy and methamphetamine can result in serious chemical contamination from solvents, acids, metals and waste products.

The growers and/or cooks may have disposed of excess and waste chemicals in an unsafe manner, such as down the drains or dumping outside. These risks must be appropriately assessed, remediated and certified by professionals.

Total Safety’s experienced team of professionals offer consulting services in a wide range of areas related to clandestine drug operations including:

Conducting initial investigations and work procedure development and assisting to comply with municipality bylaws and the BC Ministry of Environment

Specific services related to the former clandestine operations include:

  • Site visit to assess the amount and type of contamination and determine if remediation work is required
  • Drug lab clearance investigation and sampling (ecstasy, methamphetamine, fertilizers, pesticides and others) and identify fungal contamination
  • Ensure the applicable by-law requirements are met related to environmental hazards
  • Drinking water and carbon monoxide sampling, if required by the municipality
  • Remediation overseen by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
  • Management of remediation contractors
  • Clearance inspection and sampling to ensure the identified contaminations (fungal, pesticide, fertilizer, etc.) has been removed
  • Submission of Site Profiles to the BC Ministry of  Environment, when required