Hazardous Materials Risk Evaluation, Management and Support

Canadian Labour Code, along with their provincial (WorkSafeBC in British Columbia and BC Mines Act) counterparts, focuses on the construction, manufacturing, mining, transportation and general industries to safeguard the health and safety of workers. Hazardous materials can be found in nearly every building and work environment, including industrial, commercial and residential buildings, hospitals, schools and other work places. In general, the materials are not hazardous to occupants unless they become degraded or are disturbed and become airborne during construction, renovation or demolition activities.

Total Safety’s professionals are experienced in identifying and dealing with hazardous materials in the work place and can assist your team on identification, risk evaluation, handling, management and remediation of hazardous materials from a single substance to multi-substances in a complex large working environment.

We offer consulting services in a wide array of projects including:

  • Hazardous building materials management abatement programs
  • Identification and management of hazardous materials  including; asbestos, lead, mould, mercury, CFCs, PCBs, chemical and microbial contamination and pigeon guano and rodent faeces
  • Development of hazardous material inventory information system
  • Hazardous building materials abatement project design and specification services
  • Asbestos air monitoring and clearance testing
  • Assessments for regulatory compliance or property transfers
  • Consultation and evaluation prior to demolition, renovation and construction projects
  • Development of exposure control, remediation plans and risk assessments
  • Indoor air quality and microbial contamination, inspection, investigations, testing, management, monitoring and remediation plans
  • Litigation support and expert testimony
  • Training and education from awareness seminars to comprehensive multi-day training for managers, workers and contractors
  • Hazardous materials surveys