Why Safety Training?

  • To keep your workers, your facility, the community and the environment safe.

  • Reduce the risk of incidents and decrease the costs associated with such occurrences.

  • Legislation requires employers educate employees regarding risks and safe handling procedures for hazardous materials and safety hazards present in their workplace.

The Health and Safety Essentials

  • Develop an Occupational Health & Safety Program specific to your workplace.

  • Ensure all workers have Training appropriate to their daily work tasks as well as general hazards at your workplace (aligned with OH&S Program).

  • Foster a Healthy and Safe Working Culture at your workplace.

Our Training Programs

For more than 20 years Total Safety EHS has been developing and delivering high quality educational training and awareness sessions to our clients. Our training courses are designed to be easily incorporated into daily work practices and cover various environmental, health and safety (EHS) topics. View All Course List for a listing of available course topics.

Training Program Options

Our Experienced Educators

Total Safety’s experienced and qualified trainers include Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP), Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), Registered Occupational Hygienists (ROH), a certified Ergonomic Specialist (CES), Registered Professional Biologists (RPBio), and Professional Engineers. Our staff has developed and delivered countless safety training courses (site specific and generalized) and customized safety programs for over 20 years.

Our Training Facility

Total Safety offers regularly scheduled and on request courses in our Burnaby training facility. View our Course List and Calendar for available / upcoming training courses.


What Does Your Health and Safety Program
Look Like?

To ensure your staff has the knowledge and training to perform their duties in a healthy environment and a safe manner, a written occupational health and safety program with defined policies, procedures, expectations and employee responsibilities is key. Total Safety will work with you to develop (or revise) your Health and Safety Program and will provide your staff with H&S training specific to the needs of your workplace. For more information on our Health & Safety programs, please contact a Total Safety office near you. Locate a Branch.