About Pacific EHS

Originally established in 1990 as Hansen & Associates Ltd, Pacific EHS has been conducting business in British Columbia since 1994. It has grown organically since that time from one original employee to more than 50 full time staff and regular student interns for positions during peak summer seasons.

Headquartered in Burnaby, the Company has a BC-wide network of five permanent and two associate offices. Pacific manages its business through its branch managers and its senior departmental managers at headquarters and provides a range of environmental services to numerous private and public sector clients or individuals each year.

Pacific’s services are segmented into Industrial Hygiene, Hazardous Materials, Safety, Contaminated Sites and Laboratory Services to mirror the specializations of its recognized experts. Further, the Company is well versed in conducting worker training seminars on any topics related to its services.  Pacific’s staff is actively engaged in the environmental community, sitting on regulation review committees and association boards, as well as providing speakers to various industry conferences. Having already been in business in BC for over 20 years, Pacific looks forward to providing good service to all of our clients and thanks them for their continued support as we move forward.

Pacific EHS Is Acquired by Total Safety

Exciting changes continue to take place at Pacific EHS. On January 25, 2011, Pacific EHS became a part of the Total Safety family. The business lines that Total Safety delivers are extremely complementary to the full range of quality industrial hygiene and safety services that Pacific EHS provides to a wide variety of clients.

Based in Houston, Texas, Total Safety is the leading global provider of integrated safety services and solutions and the products necessary to support them, including:

  • Fire protection
  • Turnaround safety
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Gas detection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Rescue
  • Safety training
  • Communication
  • Site safety personnel
  • Medical management

Total Safety operates from more than 140 locations in 19 countries furthering their mission to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3).